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February 4th, 2011, 23:29
Yeah, you're right. I'm from Germany, and most of my English I learned by watching US/UK TV shows and reading Uncle Scrooge comics, so it's far from perfect…
What I wanted to say: I'm wandering around in the savannah (first island), doing some sidequests, looking for NPCs and adventure etc.
Some hours into the game I look at my automap and think: 'OMG! I've merely mapped out the first half of this island, but there is still another one and then there's the HUGE continent waiting in the north. How many villages, ruins, and quests must be there to discover?' But then - only a small swamp and some coastline sans game-content.
I am sometimes kinda like a tourist-gamer with this kind of open RPG, exploring is what I like most.
Don't get me wrong: It took me about 30h to complete the game with almost every sidequest, and I really did like it.
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