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Default Question about difficulty in some fights.

February 8th, 2011, 11:11
I have been playing for a reasonable amount of time (lvl9 and on the 3rd dragon quest) and I still run into fights that are completely impossible. Is this just part of the game design or it is Ergos mod?

I normally play crpgs on the hardest available difficulty and am a veteran of the realms of arkania games but some of the fights in this game are ridiculous. For example I just had a random encounter with 8-9 dragon cultists and they down my party in probably about 30 seconds. Fogrimm has 20 ST 17CN and max willpower lvl 2 shields and a decent shield and ruhlana (sp?) isn't much worse and I have a mod8 elf pet fighting as well as my melee spec rogue. The elf only has time to get off a couple of spells but nothing seems to have any significant effect. The other fights that are causing me problems are the ratqueen and ruhlanas side quest against the black amazons. The thing is, the rest of the fights have been quite easy (once I figured out how important willpower is) so I don't want the overall difficultly turned down.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just a matter of luck and running away and waiting till I am higher level?
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