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February 9th, 2011, 00:55
Faction: Mafia
Given by: Mafia Fighter
Island: Espada(the island you start of from)
Mission: Bring Mafia Fighter Ten doses of snow(cocaine)
Description:On first island when you are another side of island there is a bit bigger village when you walk around you should see church over the road is an garage with two mafia soldiers guarding it go in and talk with Mafia fighter who then gives you mission to get him drugs.
Notes:You can find drug off from dead corpses so keep your eyes open when there are firefights with factions just look the show and loot dead bodies.
Reward: You get car key (the car is in garage)
Submitted by: Anders

Faction: Mafia
Given by: Don Guillermo
Island: Ballena
Mission: Escort missing convoy to the Mafia Airfield on Ballena.
Description: Don Guillermo asks you to prove yourself reliable by dealing with a couple of Bandits annoying the citizens outside the bar. You get advice from Jamieson to resolve this peacefully. On return to Don Guillermo he gives you the more important mission of locating a convoy transporting Cuban cigars. You find the convoy under attack from the Guerrillas.
Kill all the Geurrillas. Be sure not to kill the Mafia driver or allow the trucks to be badly damaged.
Talk to the Mafia driver, get the keys, and drive the two trucks to the airfield.
Return to Don Guillermo.
Notes: Don Guillermo must be sitting by his rooftop pool when he gives this mission. If he is in his downstairs office, the mission will initiate but never complete.
Reward: 1250 (More I know, I'll have to update)

Faction: Mafia
Given by: Don Guillermo
Island: Ballena
Mission: Fake Bombing Coordinates
The army's last attempt to bomb Don Guillermo's cocaine plantations resulted in Gorrion City on Espada being bombed to the ground. This time they have better intelligence, and know the location of every single plant. Your mission is to steal the map coordinates from the Army base at the Castle, south of Ballena, and replace them with a false set of coordinates.
First, see Benissio the mafia's forger, in a village on the SE of Ballena. The on site marker is screwed, but you'll find him in one of the village huts. Benissio gives you an army uniform but is too drunk to forge your papers. Do the watermark, hologram, laminate the photo, and you have ID papers in the name of Pvte. Torres.
Travel to the Castle, find the jetty on the eastern side, then show your papers to the sentries at the gate. Find the papers on second floor of a building in the SW corner of the courtyard.
Return to Don Guillermo.
Notes: There are plenty of brand new weapons here for the taking: Uzis, AK_47s, Remington 870s.
There is a building remarkably like the one under construction at Pueblo Sombre (Boiling Point).
Reward: 1800 pesos.
EDIT: player1 tells me the papers are on the second floor of a building in the NW corner of the courtyard.

It's the same building that has general (at top floor), which you need to ask for one of the artifacts, in main quest. Papers are at first floor in one of the rooms, at the desk.

Faction: Mafia
Given by: Don Guillermo
Island: Ballena
Mission: Valuable Cargo
Description: Sebastien is Don Guillermo's harbour master.
Sebastien asks you to meet Isidoro on Casco Island to collect a cargo of cocaine. Casco is a large island east of Balleno, and is the Mafia's largest cocaine plantation. Isidora gives a boat key and you deliver a cargo of cocaine back to Sebastien.
Note: It is a long and boring boat trip, although if it is late afternoon you sail into a pretty sunset.
Reward: 600, +5 mafia relations

Faction: Mafia
Given by: Sebastien
Island: Ballena
Mission: Lost Statuette
Description: Sebastien is Don Guillermo's harbour master.
This mission is for Sebastien's benefit, and not the Don's.
Sebastien gives you the keys to a gunboat, so expect opposition from Bandits at the site of the shipwreck. My strategy was to sail straight at the three bandit boats with guns blazing, then keep going ahead while firing back at them as they chase. Worked for me!
Pick up the "Chia Bessan" statuette from beneath the shipwreck and return to Sebastien.
Note: The dive for a gold idol is bugged. You can exploit the bug by re-doing the mission.
Reward: 1300 pesos, +5 mafia relations
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