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February 8th, 2011, 23:56
MISSION: CIA Freighter

Player1 "After some Indian cultist mission, I had prolong firefight on CIA
boat. After getting outside of ship deck and fighting on cargo section (on open),
I got 2nd objective (captain key), but had no widget key (1st objective), so I
was stuck and unable to get back to main part of the ship.


Even console command that would make me bypass this would be helpful.
(like spawning that damned "wicked key" - gg version name)."

wesp3 "That happened to me too! The first key is in the middle of the boat, in one of the sections filled with water. You need to return to an earlier saved game and get it. That is a very badly done level, because you can blow up the boxes near the gate and still will be stopped by invisible barriers! Sadly two console commands that would have helped and work with The Precursors do not work with White Gold."

player1 "Anyway, I did the replay, and found out why it's so easy to miss the key.

In the area inside ship, there is a small section, where is room with jukebox at left side. Door up front goes to interior cargo section, and if you do there without getting wicket key you will get stuck. There is also a door to the right, that is locked.

What you need to do is to go to room with jukebox, and at other wall there is another door to different ship section (very easy to miss). There you kill some guys, go small part underwater, and you'll get the key, and exit on other side (where locked door was).

See? Very easy to miss.

If it is possible in any way to edit this, I would recommend locking main front door with same key, to prevent player from progressing further without key, which will get them stuck."

player1 "I noticed that tank grenades do wonders against enemy infantry. They have huge blast radius, but AI doesn't handle that well, and never gets far enough in cover.

Unfortunately, they easily destroy most of wooden crates, so there is always danger of getting stuck (for example you need to climb on crates "as staircase", but you could destroy them with tank grenade). It's good to know, that this wasn't issue in my case, and that I just forgot key in section inside the ship (right before cargo area on open).

wesp5 "I hope we will figure out how to edit the maps themselves one fine day, but right now I can't even open them in the editor. The only working console commands that I found are ADDHEALTH and ADDARMOR, which should help you through any problems !"
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