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February 9th, 2011, 00:57
Faction: Civilians
Given by: Lockpick seller
Island: Espada (the island you start of from)
Mission:Option to learn the basic picklocking
Description:This is quite easy just talk with guy till you get option teach me and he will ask 500 pesos for it You can find him again another side of tunnel in the village he sits on bench
Notes:You only get this option when you don't have the picklock perk it's useful if you want to save 1 perk point.
The "Night Time Only" lockpick guy is near Arturo's bar. He offers training "near the ruins" but this is not available.
The "Day Time" lockpick guy is in the village past the tunnel and he offers training for the lockpick perk.
Reward: Lockpick perk
Submitted by: Anders

Faction: Civilians
Given by: Gary
Island: Ballena
Mission: Paparrazi
Description: Gary wants some pics of Jessica Riverson, a porn star filming on location at a small island east of Ballena. Talk to Jessica, take the photo and return to Gary.
Notes:The site marker for taking the photos is inaccurate. You need to take the photos from a rock ~45 metres out in the water.
Trivia: The porn stars are well covered up. Pics on the DS official forum of them topless were omitted from the completed game. The "Topless Babes" topic on the forum had an amazing number of hits!
Reward: 300 pesos, +Civilian Relations.
Submitted by: Val.

Given by:Foreman
Mission:The situation is heating up.
Description:Easy mission witch involves blowing up blockade in tunnel to get mission go another side of tunnel by walking over mountain or driving across island there you find workers and foreman talk with him so when you have talked with him you need to get some TNT from Arturo who is located another side of tunnel the smaller village the shop is in white house with maxima umbrellas he sells TNT for 500 pesos or you can go find bandits ruins there is an guy called Fredy who can sell you TNT for 600 pesos.
Notes:Just make sure you have money and when TNT is planted run to cover and Jameson will tell over radio:This happens when God gives to some instead of brains a butter.
Reward:700-800 pesos +15 Civilian relationship
Submitted by: Anders.

Given by: Usher
Island: Espada
Mission:The Tunnel of Death.
Description:the attraction for locals he he anyways you find it in second village when you walk around you see fenced tunnel and near that is guy in red shirt when you talk with him he offers you to take part in this attraction by paying just 500 pesos and if you survive you get 1500 pesos So pay the cash and get in tunnel kill who gets on way and when you exit it at right is a guy talk with him and he gives you 1500 pesos.
Notes:Make sure you have decent gun or guns and save before doing it.
You only get to do this mission once, as they develop a "staff shortage".
Reward:1500 pesos
Submitted by: Anders.

Given by:Vintego
Mission:Get poison for cockroaches.
Description:You find this guy again in second city ruins he is behind of house between old red container so when you talk with him and he says that he dosent want to kill himself but cockroaches so he needs you to get poison from man called Mergono just follow mission pointer and talk with Mergono he then tells he sells poison for 50 pesos buy it and return to Vintego
Notes:Easy mission other then that movie quote from
Scarface, Tony Montana: F**k Gaspar Gomez! And f**k the f**kin' Diaz brothers! F**k 'em all! I bury those cockroaches!

Reward:100 pesos +5 Civilian relationship
Submitted by: Anders.
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