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February 10th, 2011, 17:40
Originally Posted by SadExchange View Post
I wish they could have had a better video for the the preview. Watching it is fine, but it's certainly not in a good resolution and doesn't do the game justice.
Yeah, but it is stated that it does not represent the final product.

It's risky showing pre-beta footage. Even if it to explain gameplay instead of graphics, some people will not look beyond.

The quality of the other video of other demos (prison break, fight in the forest and battlefield endboss) I've seen have been better videocaptures and showed better graphics, so we don't have anything to worry about. Also a small camera problem, which also wasn't an isue in previous footage which makes me think this is somewhat of an earlier build?

There were no storyline spoilers, only spoilers about how combining combat and magic will work (but that's not really a spoiler is it?) and a sidequest was shown which wouldn't tie in to the main story. Also sidequests can have mulitple paths. I also like that some detective work that uses Geralts expertise as a witcher will feature in the game.

Now you can pick up more items for in your inventory and can change what Geralt wears. In The Witcher getting armors was either tied to a quest and only one armor could be bought (expensive!). Now enemies can drop armors amongst other loot, which Geralt than can wear. So it seems to be a step away from how limited armor availability was is in games like The Witcher/Gothics/Risen. But I'm not sure if this means the invenory system also moves away from volume grid management. All I saw was a type list inventory and a weight stat. From the looks of it inventory management will be solely weight stat based and no longer take in consideration volume.

Obviously some location names and the name of a group of soldiers you fight against maybe considered spoilers. But since I haven't read the books, those names don't really mean anything to me. That'll probably change once I play the game, though.
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