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February 12th, 2011, 18:00
Originally Posted by Lurking Grue View Post
This whole "trash mob" idea is appalling to me. Why do we have to have trash mobs? For example, take DA:O (which, incidentally, Jeff likes a lot) and its endless trash mobs, e.g. in Deep Roads *shudder*. It was Not Fun mowing through yet another wave of trash mobs and it sure did not make me feel badass or Conan-like. All it did was make me wish it would end soon. Couple this trash mob idea with a shallow combat system and you've got a recipe for boredom.

Then take another game with a lot of combat, Knights of the Chalice. This is not a game with trash mobs, as you really need to pay attention to every combat you do or you'll get your butt handed to you. Even if you fight "the same old" orcs/gnolls/whatever again, every battle is interesting and meaningful as your characters are threatened in every battle. You won't feel bored as you cannot just "autopilot" your way through the battle. This is the key to CRPG battles! To be threatened in battle and with solid tactics and skill prevail. To feel the "rush of battle" and have a challenge to overcome - a challenge which you're *not* *guaranteed* to overcome.
Couldn`t ever put it better sir!

Strategic combat in mainstream RPGs is a no-no these days…DA:O was truly disgusting on this angle, especially given the pre-launch hope. I`m not saying it should be as hardcore (and beautiful as KotC, but what they served was weak…and more annoyingly so because it could`ve been great. At the beginning there were few fights that totally got me into the GoldBox-rush state
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