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Default Newcomer to Dragon Age: Origins in need of help

February 17th, 2011, 18:02
Awhile ago i bought DAO for my Xbox 360 and i tried to play it, i finished a few quests but i never could really get into the combat system. I am used to games like Oblivion,Fallout 3,Two Worlds II, Gothic, etc, i never really played RPGs where you need to take care of party members as well, so this is all very new to me.

When i started playing it, i was a elven warrior, and even though i finished several quests, i had a very hard time doing so, and i died ALOT during combat. I put the game away for like a year maybe and recently picked it up again, only to find out that i kept dying again and i simply didn't understand why i died all the time. It was then that i decided to start over again but this time as a mage and its going quite good so far. But then again..i put the difficulty to casual, which is basically easy in any other game and i never do that, but for DAO i found it nessecary.

Basically what i need is some help/advice. I'll tell what my party members are and then i hope people here can tell me what strategies and tactics and powers are good to use.

So i am a level 12 mage, i use Cone of cold Stonefist alot, its a nice start for a battle i find. I always use Bloody grasp alot, for enemies in the distance i use either Tempest,Fireball, Inferno.I use Shock and Lightning too.

Currently i am in Orzammar. My party at this moment is…

Leliana ( Green blade, Splintmail armor,leather boots,Splintmail gloves,Studded helmet)

Morrigan ( Morrigan's Magic staff,Morrigan's robes)

Zevran (Whitewood bow, all leather clothing…basically)

Not in my current party but also available are…


What i notice is that Leliane dies alot, maybe i have given her the wrong talents and wrong weapons..i have no idea. Basically i need some info/advice on what talents i should choose for my members and what do i do in terms of tactics? Should i leave it at default or change it? Like i said..i am not used to games where i have to pay attention to other party members, the RPGs i know..that's just solo. So yeah..basically..what strategies are recommended for all my members during combat?

Help would be greatly apreciated.
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