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February 17th, 2011, 18:21
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
Well, what you seem to be missing are melee fighters. They have an easier time taking care of themselves and more staying power than archers.

Try playing for a while with 2 melee fighters (the dog and Alistair will work fine), one rogue (archer or melee), and one spell caster.

And nothing wrong with playing on casual. DA:O is a story heavy game.

actually for most of the game i've had Alistair in my party , all the quests i had done was with Alistair in the party. But when i went to Orzammar, i don't know..i just decided to choose Zevran. Stupid move indeed…cause now i have two rogues in my party and not a warrior/tank. I'll go change that.
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