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February 17th, 2011, 23:24
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Why would you think that Ultima Underworld was true 3D?
With an isometric point of view the camera angle is fixed and can't change, if it can it's not isometric anymore. The only attempt done to use pure isometric and camera change was to implement 4 isometric view and allow switch to any of them but that's it. You can't have a continuous rotation with such isometric approach, Ultima Underworld isn't isometric because it allows such continuous rotation.

The next step is 2.5D, it's based on isometric plus different tricks for managing a depth perspective ie further is smaller, and to allow rotation. With this approach you can't have pure 3D moving, you can't have true bridge where you continuously move above and under. Duke Nuken 3D pushed this 2.5D approach further by allowing look a bit up and down with a minimal distortion but still no slope and no bridge.

Ultima Underworld allows anything, look at any direction from top to bottom, to any direction. You can have true bridge and true slopes, ie true 3D levels. 2.5D games don't allow that.

It's possible that Ultima Underworld doesn't use the same 3D computing than is doing 3D graphic cards, and it has perhaps some 3D imperfection (I don't remember) but the game achieve full 3D unlike any 2.5D games and I won't even mention pure isometric games.

So even if a part of Ultima computing is using Isometric and 2.5D computing the point is unlike Isometric games or 2.5D games, it doesn't show any 3D limits in its levels.
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