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February 18th, 2011, 04:40
I'm not so sure about the no-cliché of science-fiction / space opera settings.

As pointed out in the article, any fantasy settings goes first with the commonly know mythology (orcs, elves, …) and then, hopefully, build something new from these bricks (another kind of political and social organization, a new kind of threat, etc …). SF just use a different set of basic bricks.

You see a huge space ship cruising in the starry emptiness of space, nobody is going to have to explain to you that it has a kind of warp drive. If an alien comes into view, it's going to be either a seriously advanced benevolent race, a violently threatening one or a mysteriously enigmatic one. They come in different shapes, but they usually match a known archetype. And don't get me started on lasers or AI.

It seems to me there is as much (or as little) explaining going on in both genres. The exposition just have to go over different things.
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