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February 18th, 2011, 16:50
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I honestly don't think the order in which you visit those areas really matters that much, due to the level scaling.

That said, I think it makes the most sense (story-wise) to visit Redcliffe first.
Actually, Dragon Age uses a levelling scaling similar to Gothic 3 with a minimum and maximum range. You'll notice this if you get the hunting skill as you'll be able to see their level on the minimap.

Generally, avoid Denerim and Orzammar until you're at a fairly decent level - the bandits of Denerim and most enemies of Orzammar will flatten you in a few shots if you head there right away, especially at higher difficulty levels.

Also, if you DO head to Denerim or Orzammar too early and somehow survive, the rest of the game will be far too easy as most of it will be several levels below you at all times (except the ending).

Bottom line: It is entirely possible to pull a Gothic in Dragon Age and run into areas with enemies you'd best avoid. Unfortunately, most people think DA has Oblivion style scaling, so they just assume they're doing something wrong and get frustrated (the classic example is being flattened by the bandits of Denerim - the fights are actually quite easy if you head there at the appropriate level).
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