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February 19th, 2011, 03:24
Just thought I add something to this.

Topware stands accused by various anonymous sources of blacklisting UK outlets for giving Two Worlds II middling or low review scores. According to one source, Topware demanded that a review score be bumped up to 7/10, or the publisher would cease to deal with them.
Here is a post by a topware employee.

Their is no excuse for our guy to go off on a site, but this has everything to do with MetaCritic and their standards and other sites and their standards.

They can be completely different and our PR person was not trying to change a score but trying to convey this very point. The words blacklisted, if they were said, at all, would not happen in any way shape or form.

We gave the game out to everyone and it was well receieved - well except for the UK were we average around 60 when everywhere else we average around 78, but such is life.

I have made games for a long time and our new team is really working hard to make the Two Worlds franchise something special. We do not have the budgets some studios have but we are and will continue to make great games from here on out.

By the way here is the URL with the story rebuttal but it is a mute point as this is all a caught up in the moment situation between two people and not a Topware conspiracy!

The link on the bottom will go to the webpage where the pr nightmare started.
Seems the game is cursed with all the delays/cancellations/PR stunts.

Also one final news info the NA boxed copy is still going to be released. I got a reply as follows-

the PC edition was not canceled. There have been issues with our publisher and the launch of the PC product into retail, but they will have a special edition out in a month at retail and the game is available via Amazon from them or us right now or on Steam or Direct2Drive

We also have the collectors edition on PC on Amazon

I appreciate the feedback, but there will be a special PC edition for the United States soon at retail
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