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February 25th, 2011, 16:00
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Faction: Mafia
Given by: Don Guillermo
Island: Ballena
Mission: Fake Bombing Coordinates
The army's last attempt to bomb Don Guillermo's cocaine plantations resulted in Gorrion City on Espada being bombed to the ground. This time they have better intelligence, and know the location of every single plant. Your mission is to steal the map coordinates from the Army base at the Castle, south of Ballena, and replace them with a false set of coordinates.
First, see Benissio the mafia's forger, in a village on the SE of Ballena. The on site marker is screwed, but you'll find him in one of the village huts. Benissio gives you an army uniform but is too drunk to forge your papers. Do the watermark, hologram, laminate the photo, and you have ID papers in the name of Pvte. Torres.
Travel to the Castle, find the jetty on the eastern side, then show your papers to the sentries at the gate. Find the papers on second floor of a building in the SW corner of the courtyard.
Return to Don Guillermo.
Notes: There are plenty of brand new weapons here for the taking: Uzis, AK_47s, Remington 870s.
There is a building remarkably like the one under construction at Pueblo Sombre (Boiling Point).
Reward: 1800 pesos.
I try and try, but can't find documents (no marker for help). Where exactly is this?
And how does location with papers look like, Is it some desk, locker, something else. Small room, big room?

Can't believe after waiting 2-3 weeks to get this quest line unstuck, that I'm stuck again…
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