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February 25th, 2011, 16:35
Originally Posted by Vitirr View Post
I follow development even before it was public as I have the luck to belong to a VIP group (as some of the leaders of HOMM communities around the world).

The game is being quite focused on single player campaign at release, and thus the role playing factor is important. However it is still a strategy game at heart and you should still happily spend uncountable hours in open maps with "defeat all" objective and no story at all. Map editor promise to be powerful and user friendly (unlike the H5 nightmare) which means that, if the game core is solid enough, you'll find a miriad of user made maps to play of all types shortly after release.

There are some gameplay innovations that affect directly to the strategy aspect of the game (like town transformation to your faction, or the unified creature pool to recruit in any of your towns or forts instead of each town having their unique pool).
Other new features affect both strategy and role playing, as the new skill tree for the heroes.

A deeper focus on multiplayer has been promised for expansions (like a probable addition of some kind of simultaneous turn system).

Until now the game looks promising. There are some hints of humour like in the old games. Lead map designer is Marzhin, an fan known for his good maps and campaigns hired by Ubi. There are some references to the old game universe as well, and music will be composed again by the masters Rob King and Paul Romero (just hope they change their direction from H5, which was good but not excellent as in previous instalments).
But until release we won't be able to know the quality of things like AI (one of the serious problems of H5), or balance, so we'll have to wait and see.

Oh and I know it's not the most important at all but, landscapes look more beautiful than ever. Just have a look at screenshots, they look impressive.
Your words give the hope i have for this game an extra positive spin for me.
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