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February 25th, 2011, 21:47
IGN has a short Witcher 2 preview titled Choice and Combat. The "choice" part doesn't reveal much and they focus on the combat changes:
Perhaps most noticeably different is the combat, which has been completely redone. Gone are the times of squinting at an onscreen icon to determine when to trigger follow up attacks for combos. The Witcher 2 plays more like an action game than an action-turn based hybrid -- which is a good thing. Geralt can be customized with a mix of sword, magical and alchemy skills. You can't acquire every skill, though, so you have to either take a balanced approach and spread out upgrade points across each category, or dump a majority into one. If you happen to max out the sword skill line, for instance, group finishing moves can be unlocked. For magic a new magical sign is unlocked that lets you slow time. And for alchemists who'd rather quaff potions than slash swords or discharge magic, a berserk skill is unlocked toward the end of the tree. According to CD Projekt, pursuing only one tree is a viable way to get through the story, though I would assume doing so would leave Geralt particularly vulnerable in a few key areas.
More information.
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