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February 25th, 2011, 22:31
Most of the previewers thus far have revealed their total ignorance about the Witcher.
Everyone suddenly comes out of the closet screaming "I loved the Witcher way before it was cool!". Except they clearly didn't…

"played a few minigames, including a "poker dice" game"
(yeah that clearly requires parentheses, it's so "fresh" and "out of norm" )
"Geralt the witch hunter resumes…"
(yes, the whole Act 1 culmination of Witcher 1 just passed them by. But some of them may indeed have been witch hunters. Poor Abigail.)
"a young man named Ele'yas"
(despite having pointy ears and living ten times a man's age. And his name is clearly human, yep.)
"enemies react more appropriately to your attacks"
(the assumption is, in Witcher 1 they didn't. Yeah. That was the problem with its combat )
"you have a variety of Witcher magic ("signs" that can be assigned to hotkeys on the fly)"
(pure ignorance. Yes, that's a "Variety" of Witcher magic (!), and "signs" in parentheses…)
"linked to a poet named Master Dandelion"
(even though in the books and throughout the first game there's been really just one and one only poet, a central figure to most plotlines and basically the humanizing element, necessary for almost all juxtaposition of Geralt's moral code (i.e. fake Witcher code) vs. reality vs. inhumanity of the witchers in general. But yeah. "A" poet named Dandelion.)

Sad really.
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