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February 25th, 2011, 22:52
I'm liking the strategy and unity interaction elements that were displayed - particularly units like the praetorian and sisters. I remember even heroes 4 at least boiled down to making as many top or second to top tier creatures as you could and only adding the other units if you had extra resources to spend. It seems like they're trying to make more of the units, or at least their upgraded versions, retain a purpose beyond that of placeholders until you can build the higher tier dwellings.

The pacing is painfully slow, though unless they decide to do something completely different in terms of allowable settings I'm sure that will be something you can adjust. I remember that by the time I had gone more than 20 minutes into any of the previous heroes games I tended to turn animation/movement speeds to maximum/skip. Heroes games can be of epic length so pretty horsey animations and such never seemed worth the extra time they took.

Glad one of my favorite franchises is still alive though - and actually evolving while also hearkening back to the classics. Having heroes directly involved in combat like regular units made them far too easy to lose and so I'm glad they've returned to their old role as sort of behind the lines generals. The might attack is a nice option though - as might heroes lack of spell effectiveness could make them feel more like they were just glorified item holders to give the army bonuses. Still non snipe-able heroes means you don't have to cripple your AI to make hard fights winnable.
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