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February 26th, 2011, 01:57
Good points. However, this is not the only problem here; Dandelion is simply not some poet in Witcher -- he has been absolutely pivotal in Witcher 1 (the game). Geralt is NOT witch hunter, he is a monster hunter, slayer, etc.. Witcher doesn't mean he has anything to do with witches. Witcher Signs have been established pretty firmly (the name, the idea of Witcher magics as such, usable Signs) in the game (aside from book lore). To use parentheses here is more or less like saying something like this about, say, Jedi Knight:
"Kyle Katarn uses "the Force", a type of Jedi magic"
It might be ok for a complete "blank slate" approach, say, if you have never had any exposure to any Star Wars media. The Witcher 2 is a second instalment. By now, Witcher Signs should be acknowlegded in a continuity, not as newly introduced element. Usage of parentheses is also confusing here; why would it be "dice poker" and not dice poker; is there some ambiguity or an unusual concept here? No, Witcher 1 had dice poker as a prominent element of the game, tied-in with a variety of quests.

Those are just some examples. There's more though; read RPS's "Hands on with a Succubus" and tell me what is the dwarven city called in Witcher 2? Cause I can't definitively answer that basing on the recent slew of previews. Some say it's Vergen, others say Vergan, one Russian preview said "Verden" (Верден)… Tiny details and they hardly really matter, but it shows the relative sloppiness of the previewers. Especially when dealing with a rich and established lore, or with a developer that goes out of their way to showcase the game and clarify everything that needs clarifying.
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