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February 26th, 2011, 12:51
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
What game was that? It sounds like way too much work for large open RPGs. It could be someone's life work, I suppose. But it wouldn't be financially viable as an enterprise, methinks.
It's a game hardly playable today, I think it crashes a lot. Also as you are here since age you probably already quoted it when I quoted it here in past, and you probably tried it a little before to throw it in trash.

The game itself is more an engine for scenario. It's RealmZ, it is free with a free scenario joined to the game. This scenario is ok and show some interesting design points from a open world perspective, there no real main quest the point is a lot more about discovering the various bits. In no way it will figure the scenario I quoted, the Swordlands trilogy:

Alas this one is still not free and because of that you'll perhaps gave up particularely because the guy busy with codes required is well quite a problem and the author of the scenario have no way to provide himself codes for playing his scenarios. I have the codes of all scenario and wouldn't bother to borrow some but I only have Mac codes.

Anyway as I already quoted the game doesn't work well nowadays and in fact never much in its Windows version. The crap is that various professional offered exchange the rights on ipad and iphone with a guaranty to port and support the game to nww computers OS, well I mean OSX. But well owners of the game was a problem and now the game is plain dead.
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