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February 27th, 2011, 00:43
Lots of good news to my ears here. I put Obsidian on my deathwatch a while back assuming that with Aliens falling through and AP being lackluster they might be on hard times. Dungeon Siege 3 being a make or break project but this does sound reasonably positive.

I would love another IWD though not sure what engine they would use. That series tends to catch a lot of flak but I liked it mostly due to Infinity engine. Hard do see DA engine being licensed from EA/Bioware for an Atari property but could happen. They probably dont have the budget to develop one from scratch based on the $20MM comment. Maybe use whatever they have from DS3 but I have to see more from DS3 before that interests me. It would be nice if they could get the ToEE engine though Atari and update it but think that is unlikely due to it being 3E and WotC/Hasbro would probably only want 4E games being made.

I'd like to see Planescape universe reused but thought that WtoC/Hasbro discontinued it a couple of years ago which would make that unlikely. Biggest problem I see is that if none of these are not already in the works then we have 2-3 years before seeing them materialize in any form.
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