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February 28th, 2011, 16:33
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Those are just some examples. There's more though; read RPS's "Hands on with a Succubus" and tell me what is the dwarven city called in Witcher 2? Cause I can't definitively answer that basing on the recent slew of previews. Some say it's Vergen, others say Vergan, one Russian preview said "Verden" (Верден) Tiny details and they hardly really matter, but it shows the relative sloppiness of the previewers. Especially when dealing with a rich and established lore, or with a developer that goes out of their way to showcase the game and clarify everything that needs clarifying.
I don't think we should apportion any blame for subtle naming differences. Polish does not transliterate to an exact English word all the time, and the names in the first game are noticeably different from the books (which I think themselves are not consistent due to different translators). If I remember rightly the names in the game even changed subtly until very close to release, so preview versions would have different names even. Vizima/Wyzim/Wyzima I'm looking at you…
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