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March 1st, 2011, 22:43
In one of the interviews from the recent Obsidian press event, Feargus Urquhart reveals they have a new IP they will be releasing on XBL early next year. From the interview at Game Revolution:
GR: Do you see another sequel, licensed game, or an original title coming out of Obsidian after DS3?

FU: There's nothing that's been moved forward, but we'd love to develop Dungeon Siege 4. On the flip side I think as a studio we have some original ideas and stories to tell. We have a great idea for a new world we've just started pitching to publishers and we have an older pitch that we really like called "Defiance" which is about a fantasy world where, basically, Sauron won. Everything isn't happy in The Shire, they didn't get the ring in the fire and the hobbits are all dead. We think that's a cool pitch and we hope to have a publisher pick that up at some point.

We're also working on an original IP XBLA game. so that hopefully will be out first quarter next year.
More information.
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