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March 2nd, 2011, 02:04
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
for a AAA game, with lots of $ invested, they can afford to add optional stuff. For smaller developers and indies, for which adding anything somewhat relevant is measured in weeks, I don't think it's wise.
I disagree - I think that RPG developers (even indies) can and should add content that the player might not see. It adds a purpose to the exploration - even if that exploration is within a level - and encourages replays. The key is to only add "optional" content that is reasonable in scope. This might include a hidden path here, an extra piece of loot there, perhaps an extra side-quest… My point is that these such things don't take that much time to implement - so long as a developer doesn't go completely overboard - and it makes the entire experience much better than a purely linear one.
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