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March 2nd, 2011, 01:23
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
I guess the best way to make a game shorter and still hold a tremendous amount of value is to offer the freedom of playstyle and non-linear level design that Deus Ex and VTM:B are famous for; that way, replays can still feel like a new experience. For purely story-driven games without true C&C that has an actual effect on the story, length is definitely important, IMO. For example, a game that is linear and story-driven - even if has an elegant, well-written story - has to more than only 10 hours long to offer reasonable value for $50-60.
No joke, I remember replaying VTMB as a Malk and thinking it felt like a completely different game… Playing as a Malk was easily one of my most memorable cRPG experiences.

As for game length, as long as it is not substantially under 25 hours I don't see a problem(12-15 would not be long enough to entice me - especially @ $50-60).
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