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March 2nd, 2011, 09:36
Originally Posted by Anderson View Post
I agree with the writer. This was one of the several reasons I stopped playing New Vegas. Imo, Obsidian is good at writing dialog but not so good at creating a character or story I have any interest in following.
It was alright, certainly a lot better than FO3; there, I felt like I was going grid-to-grid on the map, checking off completely unrelated and (towards the middle-end of game) uninteresting items on a to-do list. At least I felt some sort of connection between the different areas in New Vegas - the game simply flowed better.

Could have used more enemies though. That's one thing I missed from Bethesda's mindless "sandbox" dross, more enemies encountered while simply roaming about.

On a completely unrelated note, I wish they'd either reboot Fallout or come out with a similar game under a new name. The timeline is all messed up as it stands. 200 year old Mac & Cheese boxes? Newspapers still somewhat readable and undecayed? Fully-funcitonal computer terminals untouched in 200 years? Radiation? Still?! Maybe I'm just being anal…
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