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March 2nd, 2011, 11:11
The length of the game may or may not be an issue, depending on what Bioware did.

If the game length is short *and* has filler dungeon like DA:O, go f*ck yourself Bioware. However, if the game is short but has no filler dungeons and packed with decent amount of NPC interactions and story (like Awakening), I'm fine with it. I've already given up hope of Bioware producing something as epic as Baldur's Gate II. I haven't played demo, but from most of people's reaction, I don't have high hope for it at all. I found out that my fiance preordered a copy for me (and also I'm getting bored of WoW) so I will give it a go when the copy arrives.

To be honest, I'm just hoping they don't f*ck up Mass Effect 3. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2, and I just can't bear to see my female Shepard being disgraced by those evil Bioware.

While I'm at ranting mood, let me just add I hate what they did to Anders and Justice. From my ending, Anders stayed with wardens as a friend for many years, and so did Justice until he left Kristoff's body. So they are just completely ignoring my endings for them both, even if I'm to import my old game. Not happy.
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