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March 2nd, 2011, 14:13
Originally Posted by MrSanta78 View Post
PPS: Feel free to post more english-like how to
Thereīs a thread for it (links in the first post) right at Bioboards.
Also includes inventory/map unlock.
And itīs possible to check what gets imported from DA:O saves, though itīs unlikely it works properly.

Iīve finished the demo on "nightmare" with a rogue yesterday and the prologue part was certainly rather difficult and I had to use some cheese in ogre battle.
The second part of the demo, however, was comparably a lot easier.

One thing I noticed is that enemies donīt have significantly more HP than on normal, just do a lot more damage (at least thatīs how it seemed to me) and it takes longer to take them down mainly due to other changes (FF, less effective abilities and, I think, longer cooldowns).
As for friendly fire, from mages (and some rogue AoEīs) itīs quite without problems because all affected get highlighted when targeting.
Warrior abilities and basic attacks need to be evaluated by eye though and that makes especially 2-handers an uncomfortable choice for nightmare.
Companion caught in fireball FF = dead companion.
What I really liked is that enemies get caught in their FF as well (which was pretty helpful in ogre battle, for example).

Overall I rather liked it and with all the positioning and checking on cooldowns I had barely any time to notice the retarded animations.
But, as expected, it also makes insufficient camera, targeting implementation and overall frantic pace even more problematic.
Whether itīll be more hassle than itīs worth or not will depend on quality of encounter design and the amount of filler.

All these things shouldīve been unlocked in the demo from the get-go, thatīs for sure.
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