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March 2nd, 2011, 15:32
I have trouble understanding this - why do people complain that a game is long (especially in the case of DA:O)? Is this not saying "I got too much software for my dollar"? Or "My new PC was great, but it just had way too much RAM".

DA:O had quality (most seem to think 'fairly good' and a lot think it was 'great') throughout most of it, so length was a plus. The complaint should surely be better phrased as "make the main campaign short eg 15 hours (so people with families can finish it without taking an annual vacation), but 80 hours with sidequests (for those who want it)"?

At BioWare this argument is surely music to their ears - I bet they'd love to give us what we wish for - say - 15 hours for $60, and then get us to pay $7 ten times for 40 minutes more each time.
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