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March 2nd, 2011, 18:40
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
People aren't complaining a game is too long, they are complaining when the games length is artificially inflated due to filler content etc. Would you rather spend 20 hours a very good experience or 100 hours on a average game.
Yeah, this is probably why I disagree. IMHO, encounter design in Origins was the best I have seen anywhere in an RPG for the last 5 years, with the possible exception of NWN2. The sheer variety of the combat, in my opinion gave it replay value for 3 runs. For goodness sake, has no-one played Sacred 2 here?

In other threads I found 'filler combat' usually mean:
1) I played it on casual or normal, so all the mobs were just something that stood in the way of quest progression (OK I understand)
2) I played on the console where you can solo Flemeth with a rogue on nightmare
3) The game was too long generally - if it were cut to 12 hours, I would not have noticed repetition (OK I understand)
4) I personally used a template for combat which worked in many cases eg Cone of Cold + Stone Fist (OK I sort of understand, because for each person the 'template' turns out to be different)
5) Dungeon Siege 2 combat was more fun, therefore DA:O had trash mobs (I don't understand at all)
6) I played on PC on nightmare, with no mods, and found >25% of the fights to be trivial (this one gives me the most headaches - and please can I watch you play?) EDIT - except maybe the Fade and some chunks of the deep roads.

Sorry for the off-topic. This probably isn't the best place to go off on a tangent about DA1 level design.
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