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March 4th, 2011, 07:01
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Speaking as someone who has not yet finished the game, I'm finding it to be a real treat. The biggest surprise? The outstanding depth in some of the quests. There are some pretty neat choice and consequence parts that are not telegraphed. The spell system is enormous. Combat is fast paced, yet strategic. There are multiple ways of solving many of the quests. You can absolutely get crunched if you don't choose the right types of damage, etc. I'm about 50 hours in over two characters and still haven't left Chapter 1. The beginning island is weak and dull but once you get past "Tutorial Island", the game really opens up and becomes fun.

Beware the Ants!
for me it was a big disappointment. I played about 2 hours into the second chapter a few months ago, then stopped and I haven't touched it since. I suppose I let all the negative press it was getting affect me. Not being able to explore the big island was a turn-off. Overall, my interest kind of fizzled.

I even imported the Royal edition from Germany. I'm more impressed with the packaging and its contents than I am with the game. I have the Queen figurine on a stand in my room. I just wish the game wasn't so misleading with certain areas, ect. Maybe I'll take another shot at it someday, but not anytime soon…
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