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March 5th, 2011, 03:32
Ah, don't get me started on SP. They're the ones that caused all of that delay-after-delay thing. Topware didn't react better either, with radio silence up until the very last hour. SP relinquished/dropped their UK rights to release in January, but SP are also behind the delays from November 2010. Remember the "we want to ensure the best possible product is released" press release (presuming us in EU were to be getting a buggy game) followed by Topware's rebuttal? And then it turned out SP just wanted a "less crowded schedule"… And then constant shortages of copies then some lame excuses that the game's shipment's got wrecked.
One snafoo after another. It's not though a lesson on how to not release a game IMO. It's a lesson in how smaller publishers need to think about what they're trying to do. If they want to put the game on the markets, it's fine. If they want a game to be a leverage for their own financial problems (as seems to have been the case for SP), it's not fine. And each publisher should have a contingency plan obviously… Hard to believe that Topware, who're under the pretty wide umbrella of Zuxxez (you wouldn't believe how big those guys really are… tip of the iceberg ), haven't had the possibility to handle UK after being handed UK publishing. Germany's not that far from UK right?
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