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March 5th, 2011, 17:36
The swamp part was very tedious for me the first playthrough. After you know what's going to happen and where you need to go you can consolidate the running around a lot more.

I'm almost finished re-playing the game in preps for the sequel. The only issues I'm having with frame rates is that they are too good. Sometimes Geralt runs faster than normal and the mouse can be twitchy.

It really livens things up if you run some mods on your repeat play throughs!

I would strongly recommend The Witcher Texturen mod, which sharpens up the scenery textures and while it's a subtle improvement, you would be surprised how much better it makes the game look.

I'm also running another mod which does the same thing for characters.

There's also a "Darker Geralt" mod, which doesn't change him from being an albino, it just makes his gear look more menacing.

There's also a "Perfect Rain" mod which makes the rain look much more realistic, and a "perfect blood" mod which helps with combat feedback.

I'm also running the "Witcher Inferno" edition, which re-vamps the colors of the interface. I wouldn't say it looks better, but is a nice change-up.

And finally the Scabbard mod, which adds all of the scabbards originally designed for the game back into it, which was a personal peeve of mine that the game didn't include them to begin with. *Note, if you have a problem with clipping issues (when Geralt draws his sword and/or replaces it) don't get this one.
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