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March 7th, 2011, 07:08
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Ahh well i didn't mean to imply that as you the guys running the site have these feelings, I look at this site as a product of those that use it. I should have used the word community and I apologize for that.
Are you sure you're talking about RPGWatch? A common ( but certainly not unanimous) opinion here is not that Oblivion was not an RPG, but that the leveling scheme made the game too drab and defeated one of the greatest joys in a typical RPG. That being to develop your character so that it is no longer that easy to squash babe in the woods.

It seemed to me that the Oblivion leveling scheme was geared to FPS mindset, so that combat was the main focus. IIRC, They even said at one time they wanted combat to always be challenging. By mid game, I felt my character wasn't getting anywhere and it was easy to leave the game and I felt no need to come back.

So if you ever hear me say Oblivion was not an RPG, I don't mean it in the technical sense. But only in the sense I was not getting that very typical RPG feeling of character building. Still, I never said Oblivion was not an RPG. And I don't think I have heard that expressed much here . . . . in THIS community.
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