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March 7th, 2011, 08:09
I put my 42" HDTV on my desk once to see how it worked out and holy crap was it huge at that distance… gave me a headache in no time. My 28" monitor is just fine.

More on topic, I have the game pre-ordered and it should ship tomorrow from amazon to be here Tuesday. Do I feel like a hypocrite? No, I liked the demo and all the walkthrough videos look awesome to me. That said it does pain me slightly to support Bioware removing gameplay elements, both from Mass Effect for ME2 and now from Dragon Age for DA2. I loved ME2 despite that and feel I will love DA2 despite that, but I do feel slightly guilty for giving them $50 on day one when they should be punished in some way for removing content, depth and complexity.

Still, they make great games I enjoy so overall I am happy to send money their way.
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