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March 7th, 2011, 11:25
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Well spoken, even though someone will probably still find a way to accuse you of simply spewing hate towards Bioware.

I couldn't play Deus Ex at release either. As I recall, it ran like crap on anything other than a 3DFX/Glide card, until a patch was released later. I didn't play DX until after Invisible War was released, so I had the pleasure of playing them back to back.

Despite playing IW immediately after DX, I still enjoyed it. I even think it could have been close to DX if the level design hadn't been so limited.
Well I sure hope not

As far as IW goes, I agree that the limited level size was a major reason why the original was ultimately a better game overall. When I played through the Statue of Liberty level for the first time (and then every subsequent level after that) I was very impressed by the size of the levels. And it wasn't meaningless size, either - each level was lovingly crafted and full of alternate pathways, secrets, and subtle details. However, even though IW's levels were lacking in size, I still think that the quality of the original's level design was there, and I have very fond memories of playing both games.
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