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March 7th, 2011, 16:21
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post

The problem a lot of people get into is expecting sequels to be exactly like the previous installment.
Except fixing all the things they didn't like with better graphics and sounds, twice the content, using half the disk space, and at half the price plus it gives back rubs while you play it and walks your dog.

Deus Ex: Invisible War is a great game in my opinion and I make no apologies for liking it. Does it stand up to the original? Fuck no… not even a little bit. Judged on its own though is it a good FPS/RPG game? Yes, I think so.

Similarly people want Dragon Age 2 to be exactly what the former was and miss that it's a good part-based tactical RPG in its own right, despite some changes both positive and negative.
Imagine if people treated food like they do games. We'll all stop eating and die because the meals I have today aren't better than the ones I had yesterday and MIGHT BE WORSE! Oh my GOD! Those thrice-d*mned greedy restaurants are ripping us ALL OFF!
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