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March 8th, 2011, 11:10
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That is probably the best way to look at da2 as it is a totally different game, had they named it Dragon age: the hawke chronicles. An exciting arpg set in the dragon age universe then I would look at it totally different and check it out for what it is. the problem is, they didn't the named it dragon age 2 which makes it part of a series and it's only human nature then to compare it to the first. Everybody and everything sets a level of expectation. If you have an employee that does excellent work for you , you grow to expect that and if it doesn't happen you say what the heck. If you follow an athlete or sports team that has a great year. You expect the next year to be equal or greater and yes if you go to a restaurant and the food is great you are disappointed if it's worse the next visit. (but don't stop eating all together that would be bad.). So I think judging things totally independent of each other in a series is unrealistic, but in this case probably the best idea. In the end i'm hoping it turns out to be great and rids me of any buyers remorse.

I was just thinking that. It doesn't seem to be a continuation of the story ala BG2, but rather a separate story set in the same world, ala Icewind Dale.
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