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March 8th, 2011, 20:44
I have similar feelings.

I've bought, and derived at least some enjoyment from, every Black Isle/Bioware/Troika/Obsidian game since 1998. The idea of not buying DA2, and walking away from over a decade of supporting these companies and enjoying their games, is disquieting.

On the other hand, I feel that I need to make a stand and not purchase DA2 in order to avoid becoming an active participant in the destruction of something that has been a huge part of how I've entertained myself for most of my adult life. Between the reduction in exploration, explosion in various pre-order and other marketing-related DLCs, elimination of skills and crafting, streamlining of the dialogue and inventory systems, and further removal of the need for strategic planning and tactical decision making (I feel like these have been in decline for a while, having peaked with Wizardry 8 and TOEE Ironman) it's clear that DA2 is a pretty big assault on what remains of the traditional RPG.

Oddly enough, I wasn't even a huge fan of DA:O, so I'm not offended by the sequel undergoing change . Unfortunately, instead of keeping what worked and tweaking the aspects that needed help, they decided to cater the game to players and journalists who hate traditional RPGs.

Unfortunately, with a simple binary means of providing or denying support to a company, it leaves the interpretation of sales figures up to the predisposition of their marketing management. Most likely, if I buy it they'll interpret that as meaning that this anti-RPG experiment worked, so they should keep dumbing down their games. And if I don't buy it, they'll probably interpret that as meaning that I was too intimidated by the remaining stats and RPG features, so they'll also keep dumbing down their games.
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