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March 9th, 2011, 04:10
Originally Posted by elkston View Post
Honestly, you can make good money working for the Mafia. Specifically, Don Guillermo. You might want to consider investing in that payoff so you can get back to neutral with the Mafia.

Personally, I worked for the Mafia and Government. The Bandits & Guerrillas hated me!
I'm at the mission where I need to get the 5/6 statues from each on the factions. Was good with the Gov and the Guerillas. But i didnt have enough money to pay the Gov fella even after I did the mission to destroy the guerilla defenses on three islands. He dropped his asking price of 10,000 to 8,500. So I shot him in the face and ran out of the base with the statue in my pocket taking a few shots on the way, but it seems to have been worth it. Might start to play it like this from now on.
I still need money to do up my island though.

Currently, the Gov and Guerillas like me at about 50 each. The bandits hate me (-100) and the Mafia are about -50. Think I might just take the bribe hit and make some money with the Mafia. Although, my next job with the guerillas is to kill Don Guillermo. What to do. Dont want to really ruin my relationship with the guerillas, but I might have to.
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