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March 9th, 2011, 14:58
Originally Posted by kearneybobs View Post
I'm at the mission where I need to get the 5/6 statues from each on the factions. Was good with the Gov and the Guerillas. But i didnt have enough money to pay the Gov fella even after I did the mission to destroy the guerilla defenses on three islands. He dropped his asking price of 10,000 to 8,500. So I shot him in the face and ran out of the base with the statue in my pocket taking a few shots on the way, but it seems to have been worth it. Might start to play it like this from now on.
Well … I have a shameful confession to make. I did the same thing! LOL!!!! With the exception of the Indian Chief and the Collector, I took the other statues by force. In the cases of the Mafia and the Government (who I was allied with) I took out as few people as possible to take the idols and then ran out of the area as fast as I could. This ensured that I only took a minor faction hit.

I had done plenty of side missions by this time and was ready to get on with the main plot. I found the repeated use of "money goals" as gates to main plot elements an artificial and cheap way to extend the game time without providing meaningful content. True there were plenty of side quests, but how optional were they, really? If you really wanted to have the money to get through main quests without violent short-cuts, you'd have to complete the majority of them. Why not cut a few of them and spend the time adding a few more interesting missions to the main plot?

Despite all this --- really fun game. Loved the freedom, the vehicles (except for the Sea-Plane), the exploring, etc. Just seems that a few aspects were kind of rushed out the door and unfinished.
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