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March 12th, 2011, 04:18
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
not sure if you don't understand my post or I don't understand yours. I haven't received any abuse (other than a low self esteem wise crack). thr point was that after reading previews and playing the demo I bashed the game for its changes, but I still went ahead and got my pre-order. To me that seems a bit hypocritical. Was wondering if anyone else did the same and felt the same or not?
I meant abuse in terms of the devs of the game taking out isometric view, taking out auto attack so even if someone come close to you and attack you you have to manually attack them. The 100's of dungeons using the exact same 10 maps. The fact that i cant equip armor for my team mates. I could go on and on. Yet we still buy the game because we are hungry for a decent RPG which that thsi is depite all its issues. I think it is more a case fo takign abuse from the devs we love so much rather than being a hypocrite. I am sorry if i offended, it was only meant in jest.
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