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March 12th, 2011, 04:56
What has me confused is why people would buy pre-orders so much of the time. Why??? The goodies tend to be mighty cheap ones. Worse yet, when you play a game so close to release, you can get hit by some real killer bugs. If you wait for a game to come out and get played/reviewed by the masses for even just a week, you can be far more informed about your game and you'll hear about any really nasty bugs that might show up.

Every once in awhile a game will have some very nice pre-order bonus pieces. The Witcher 2 is 5% off plus, if you get it on GOG, you can get a classic game like Gothic 2 Gold for free with it. That might make the risk of buying "sight unseen" worth the risk. Sometimes they will throw black boxes in, too, like offering access to the "Keep of Thoridor's Bane" which could be a deep, involving quest or could be just a courtyard where skeletons constantly respawn. I could see that as an acceptable gamble if you're feeling lucky. "The Exiled Prince" might fit in that spot for this game.

But what's going on with the "hey, that might be good, I think I'll pre-order it right now" attitude?? These aren't some hardware doo-hicky where the store might run out and leave everyone without a pre-order waiting an extra month. I keep hearing people talk like missing out on the pre-order gimicks means you aren't getting "the whole game." But every pre-order come-on that I've seen has been a sideshow at best. It has to be if the company expects to have any sales six months down the line!
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