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March 12th, 2011, 10:38
I'm about to finish chapter one after about 20 hours. I'm a dual-wield rogue which despite being beefed up is still probably the lamest class, but I like my slick female assassins, what can I say.

I really like the ability "rush," which has the rogue jump at a target and knock them and anyone near them back. It works really well when a group of enemies suddenly appears near you and you can knock them all out at once. In addition to that the rogue has an ability that makes every hit on a stunned enemy a critical hit, and then they also have a bomb that stuns a wide group of enemies… the combination there is murder.

I am mostly using Anders, Varric and Fenris at the moment. I might replace Varric with the DLC guy if I can ever get him to join the party. Anders is a straight-up healer to the point I worry he might be essential on every playthrough. Is he the only npc with a revive spell? It seems like he is. I spread out his non-healing stuff way too wide so I plan to respec him next time I play. Varric is all about hitting single targets for big damage from a distance, which is alright but not great in group situations. Fenris is all about big damage to large groups, which is awesome. I love charging in with Fenris' scythe ability, then doing his spin attack. It just slaughters people, though it uses much of his stamina.

Overall the game is good, though probably Bioware's worst game ever other than the Sonic one on the DS I never played. It's got a solid tactical base on hard mode and some good story and atmosphere, it just suffers from some bad decisions and being rushed.
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