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March 12th, 2011, 18:50
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
And no Varric, Merrill and Fenris aren't weak.
I havenīt said Varric or Merrill are weak, just that Aveline is better than Fenris as far as tanking goes.
And you do need a tank when playing on higher difficulties unless you want to engage in a lot of micromanaging.
Nothing wrong with micromanaging itself when the fights are varied, but in DA2 they most definitely are not. In my opinion playing on hard without a tank would become tiresome quite fast and, well, try to play with 2 rogues and 2 mages on nightmare and tell me how it went .

Btw, I also played DA:O without a tank on nightmare often. 3 rogues and a dog, for example .
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