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March 12th, 2011, 20:48
Yeah yeah DAO with 3 rogues at Nightmare, a guy played the whole DAO with only one mage totally nude so you don't impress me. To be more serious you really don't impress me, in one of my play I also used 3 rogues during a large part.

That was a DAO weakness Rogue and Fighters almost the same, Rogues could be top tanks, top dps, top anything related to sword fighting. Obviously it's totally fixed for DA2.

For DA2 played in Nightmare mode, do you want make me believe that you do so? With the ton of AOE effects it's currently impossible without a ton of micro management, even with a tank.

For the tank or not tank, gave up using Aveline if you find her so strong. Difficulty is a key to enjoy fights and you build a setup leading you to too easy play and stick to it even when fights get boring and too easy. Ton of setup could lead you to that problem with DAO even at Nightmare mode.

I fought the first adult dragon, I don't think it's yet the boss you mention, and I don't think any other character could stun it but Varric. But not by playing a classical fighter role.

All this argument about "boring" fights is quite known, I already read it about DAO and I provided the same answers and will add too that I'm surprised you find FNV fights more tactical or more subtle or more interesting. Including when compared to DA2 fights.
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