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March 12th, 2011, 21:43
I've found the chance to play the full version of the game (PC version). And I must say I was wrong about my past judgements about the game based on the demo. I set the difficulty on nightmare and the game played pretty much tactical. Especially it took a lot of tactics to take down the ogre. After a while I got used to the camera and found that it was the right angle to play it because so much eye candy occurs in the screen and it would be hard to see things from a full top down perspective. I could also apply my favourite BG tactics on ogre: run with the character that attacked by ogre and hit with the others.

One thing bothers me though, first I set all my characters' tactics to default to control them fully, I don't want them to make even a slighest move without my command (like BG). But, when I give them the command to attack the enemy, they hit once and then they stop. So, I have to give them the attack order again. If I set the tactics to defender (or something like that) when I give the order they attack continuously until I give them another command. But, this time sometimes they can attack the enemy without my command. So this makes the retreating difficult. I couldn't find the perfect tactics setting for me.
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