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March 12th, 2011, 23:38
Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
I've found the chance to play the full version of the game (PC version). And I must say I was wrong about my past judgements about the game based on the demo…
I'm happy not all people lost their mind to the current anti hype for DA2. I mean I don't care at all if Bioware is gone forever, they could stop make any game and I don't care, I'll regret a little bit not see a DA3 but that's all. Well ok I think that with all of this, we won't see any DA3 since a long time nor any party A WRPG until a long time if ever. Bioware could not agree but a compagny like EA will always prefer take no risk and will avoid the risk of making A RPG again and ME3 is a different type of game. More probably ME3 willbe released and Bioware will disband gradually, not the first dev team nor the last for which this happen.

I don't mean DA2 is a perfect game and everybody should agree with that, DAO wasn't perfect too, DA2 could be too different than DAO and series is a delicate matter, but it's totally obvious that DA2 is far to be a crap and even that it's a quite good game with some clear flaws and some points showing it's been done in hurry but not that the gameplay is bad because of it. Yes you could not like it but that's another problem.

Originally Posted by Gokyabgu View Post
I set the difficulty on nightmare and the game played pretty much tactical.
I wouldn't guess that Nightmare is really playable, even many sword attack have AOE effects with friendly damages, manage this seems quite complicated. That said, for me Nightmare option will be for a replay I regret a lot that the friendly damages isn't a separated option.
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