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March 13th, 2011, 01:48
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
I generally like the frost spells a lot. They add a nice frozen effect that others can take advantage of. Beyond that, I actually found mages somewhat disappointing - single target crowd control is virtually useless now (too many enemies), as are single target debuffs. Only a few fights have boss monsters worth putting a lot of debuffs on (dragons etc). Mage area damage is still decent, but several of their talent trees have more debuff than damage spells.
There's reason, in Bioware forums I saw many many complain that mages was a lot too powerful (hence the single mage making the whole DAO campaign totally nude). Myself I like them a lot in DA2 and if you want more enemy control options you have the Force Mage specialization. Also mages have more enemy control options than other classes, only the rogue isn't bad on that point but can't match on this point a mage putting forcus on this, well I haven't dig Rogues enough to be sure of that.

Also the point in the mana use balance is a lot changed and that makes playing mages much more cool. And they can multiply spells, so they get a global enemy control ability quite strong anyway by casting multiple control spells in a row.

Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
As for combos? Usually pointless, as you face waves that require more area damage than single target damage, but on bosses it's quite nice. It's really quite simple though: You have a few types of debuff (stagger etc) applied by different classes that the other classes can take advantage of. In most cases you don't even have to specifically cater to the debuffs as a lot of them are applied through rather basic attacks like shield bash and cone of cold…
Yes they seem different than the mage combo in DAO, that said some lines above you mentioned you like the frost which trigger a combo effect for some other classes. I feel it's a point that can be cool for hardcore players. But I admit I don't use this on purpose yet.

If there are often many enemies, there are also often key enemies that can be quite dangerous if not controlled and mages single enemy controls make marvel.

Myself I'm using two mages (my mage and Merrill! but don't control them constantly both, it's still very efficient. That's also a point I enjoy in DA3 and felt a little broken in DAO, it's the different balance about healing and damages and regeneration. In DAO it was very useful to have a mage almost dedicated to healing. In DA2 it's not a necessity anymore, only my mage is using sometimes the heal spell and that is working rather well. I only discovered Anders after 20 hours of play, in fact even more if I count some reload and replay of beginning, so I was sort of forced to this as I didn't want my mage becoming a healer.
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