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March 13th, 2011, 03:49
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
Yeah yeah DAO with 3 rogues at Nightmare, a guy played the whole DAO with only one mage totally nude so you don't impress me. To be more serious you really don't impress me, in one of my play I also used 3 rogues during a large part.
Thats a pity, I really thought my 3 rogues + dog would impress everyone .
(btw, when I said "I also played DA:O without a tank on nightmare often" I meant that I was changing my party composition a lot throughout one playthrough, not that Ive played majority of the game with 3 rogues + dog)

My point however was that nightmare in DA2 is lot more restrictive than nightmare in DA:O when it comes to party composition.
DA2s nightmare is more difficult than DA:Os nightmare, but it achieves it in manners which make it also a lot less enjoyable.
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